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Code of Conduct & Ethics

Code of Conduct and Ethics for compliance by all Suppliers of AgriQuest Africa Network

This Code applies to suppliers and business associates of “AQAN”. It includes not only the supplier/business associates but also their employees, agents, and sub-contractors who are engaged in supplying goods/performing services for AQAN.

Records and Reporting
Suppliers must keep accurate records of all matters related to their business with AQAN, including the proper recording of all expenses and payments. If AQAN is being charged by a supplier for employee’s time, time records must be complete and accurate. Suppliers should not delay sending an invoice or otherwise enable the shifting of an expense to a different accounting period.

Assets and Information
Suppliers should protect AQAN’s assets and information. Suppliers, who have been given access to AQAN’s assets, whether tangible or intangible, should use them only within the scope of the permission granted by AQAN and for the purposes of the engagement with AQAN. Suppliers who have been given access to AQAN’s confidential information should not share this information with anyone unless authorized to do so by AQAN. If a supplier believes he has inadvertently been given access to AQAN’s confidential information, he should immediately notify its contact at AQAN and refrain from further distribution of the information. Suppliers should not share with anyone AQAN information related to any other person or organization if the supplier is under a contractual or legal obligation not to share the information.

Bribery and Corruption
AQAN has a zero-tolerance policy for making or accepting bribes or kickbacks. In connection with any transaction as a supplier to AQAN, or that otherwise involves AQAN, suppliers must not transfer anything of value, directly or indirectly, to anyone, including government officials, employees of government-controlled entities, or employees of AQAN or any other organization, in order to obtain any improper benefit or advantage. Suppliers / business associates acting on behalf of AQAN must comply with the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and other relevant local laws dealing with bribery and corruption. Suppliers must keep a written accounting of all payments (including any gifts, meals, entertainment or anything else of value) made on behalf of AQAN, or out of funds provided by AQAN. Suppliers must furnish a copy of this accounting to AQAN upon request.

Gifts, Meals, Entertainment, and Other Business Courtesies
Acceptance of Gifts, Meals, Entertainment and similar business courtesies from suppliers are normally to be avoided by AQAN employees. However, in exceptional circumstances, AQAN employees may exchange gifts, meals, entertainment, and other business courtesies with suppliers only if they are reasonable, infrequent, and modest in amount, as well as consistent with local law, custom, and practice. In all cases, AQAN employees must never offer or accept such courtesies under circumstances where they could affect, or appear to affect, decision making. And they must never give or receive cash. We expect our suppliers to respect these restrictions.

Conflicts of Interest
AQAN employees and Board Members should act in the best interest of UPES when conducting AQAN business. They should have no relationship, financial, or otherwise, with any supplier that might conflict, or appear to conflict, with their obligation to act in the best interest of AQAN. Suppliers should have no financial relationship with any AQAN employee with whom they may interact as part of their engagement with AQAN. Suppliers should take care that any personal relationship with a AQAN employee is not used to influence the AQAN employee’s business judgment. If a supplier has a family or other relationship with AQAN employee that might represent a conflict of interest, he should disclose this fact to AQAN prior to commencement of business association with AQAN or ensure that the AQAN employee does so.

Speaking Up
Suppliers who believe that a AQAN employee, or anyone acting on behalf of AQAN, has engaged in illegal or improper conduct, should report the matter to AQAN and they can raise the issue with the employee’s manager, or contact AQAN ethics and compliance personnel info@agriquestafrica.com The concerned suppliers relationship with AQAN will not be affected by an honest report of potential misconduct.

This document has been signed in token of acceptance by all supplier/ business associates at the time of entering into contractual engagement with AQAN.

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