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These four words probably sum up what we are all about.
Accessible .Passionate .Performance-Driven. Innovative

For starters, we’ve always been accessible (and hopefully will always be). What also helps is the fact that, unlike most other consulting firms, we are not large. So, no complex multi-tiered hierarchical structure, no red tape, no needless protocols. We also don’t have watertight compartments in terms of roles and responsibilities. Which means, you are just as likely to find our Founder & Principal Consultant actively involved in on-the-ground primary research as you are finding an Associate Consultant interacting with an architect. In fact, at AQAN, it isn’t uncommon to find a professional with a agricultural background voicing an opinion on business strategy or a B-School grad deeply engaged in a clinical issue. We value diversity, be it qualification, nature of experience, gender or even nationality.

The other thing we take pride in is the fact that we’re passionate. We come to work each morning eager to make a difference, and like to leave each evening believing we’ve added some value to our clients’ business. This passion is fuelled by substantial investments in learning and knowledge, as well as phenomenal growth opportunities, in terms of challenges, responsibilities and rewards. For instance, we would expect one of our Consultants to graduate to the level of Engagement Manager in about two years and qualify for an increase in compensation (which, incidentally, would be considerably higher than the industry standard).

AQAN is performance-driven. Everything we do, and the way we do it, is geared towards providing substantial value to our clients. Our credo is simple: If it isn’t practical, it isn’t spiritual. Which may explain why, instead of lofty academic concepts that often have little practical use, our recommendations are grounded in reality, and translate, directly, to a measurable difference in the businesses we work on.

Innovative thinking is key at AQAN. There must be a better business model. There must be a more impactful marketing strategy. There must be a more engaging customer experience. These are some of the ways in which we push ourselves as an organization, and each other, to go beyond the cliché. Brainstorming is a regular feature. Freshers are encouraged (expected, actually) to have fresh thoughts. Ideas, however radical, are welcomed with an open mind. Our office, admittedly, might be a little cramped, but there’s plenty of room for ideas.

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