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Agricultural Implements: The Five Main Types of Agricultural Implements

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Agricultural implements refer to the utilization of tractors, plows, harvesters assisting in numerous farming activities. The use of agriculture equipment helps to obtain crop yield in reduced time and minimum efforts. The emergence of automatic and semi-automatic agriculture equipment decreases the requirement of human labor on farms and reduces the costs associated with the manpower. This is beneficial for improved crop production as the implementation of the equipment reduce the downtime.

These implements can be divided into five primary categories, based on their use:
• Irrigation machinery: helps to keep crops watered at appropriate levels, and usually includes central pivot irrigation systems and pump units
• Soil cultivation implements: used to plow the soil and prepare it for cultivation.
• Planting machines: designed to plant saplings and seeds over broad areas of land, after the soil has been cultivated.
• Harvesting implements: used to bring in the crops once they have reached full maturity.
• Miscellaneous agricultural equipment: used in corollary agricultural activities, such as hay-making, shredding and loading.


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